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Originally Posted by Zach Jennings View Post
he has an 85 Iroc he put about $15000 into then totaled it, the Z28 has no motor he just picked it up and is putting a 305 with a mild stroker kit in it, he has alot of time and plenty of money the motor will eventually be fairly built (I know a 350 would have been a better performance build but he wanted something different) I will recommend a high performance trans to him. Thanks any more info would be great - Zach
Now that I have more information, I understand that this car is being built to be a racer. Since I have no money, I'll give you some crazy ideas to hand to him because I can't do this. I'll live vicariously through your cousin. Because my recommendations involve high-performance, please inform your cousin to keep enough in the savings account to stay in the black when something blows up.

The guys at B&M have a good reputation with transmissions. Check them out if your cousin is not using OEM parts.

If you're going for crazy performance, I like this engine.

Both of the above products assume that you're probably doing the work on your own car. A good major performance brand has more research behind their products than you will have by the time you complete your install, so I encourage you to strongly consider letting the professionals at SLP look at your Camaro. Go through the parts listed here. If your cousin can afford these packages, then you can bet it will last longer than a garage install.
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