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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
Yes. I prefer paper maps anyway

That system is an automated manual. This is a automatic with a manual mode. Completely different. A automated manual is for pure performance. This is a way to give you more control over an automatic -but its still an automatic at heart. Much like AWD vs 4wd. On the surface they are similar but for going all out there is no comparison between the two.
Yes, it is similar in design as the M3 but my point is about it's execution. We are talking about an electrical signal which can easily trigger the computer to up or downshift the tranny at the blink of an eye. We need this thing to change when WE the enthusiast want the tranny to change gears, not when some engineer at GM thinks it should be changing.

It should work the same way as a manual in the sense that if someone upshifts too early, the motor bogs (thanks skipshift in my '01) or if someone downshifts too early, the rear tires lock up.
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