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Lightbulb Achieving the Camaro concept's afterburner tail light effect

If you're just tuning into this thread, you can skip to page six. Specifically, this post by TonyNo.

Originally Posted by TonyNo View Post
Here's a bad-phone-pic teaser shot of the prototype.

This is a kind of collective effort thread to see if anyone out there has idea's for how to get the afterburner look.

I'd say its clear there is a demand for this

Here it is with the no brakes, and then brakes.

Here is a video of a close up that I found:

AAC has gotten really close.

You can buy those here

So has kga10734

So if anyone has their 2 cents about this post it here.
I think its a matter of getting the light to diffuse evenly and outward only, but I have no idea how that would happen since I'm not so light-mod savvy. Either way, there probably needs to be an entirely new housing to achieve this.

Radz thinks its about trunkspace

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