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Originally Posted by TFord View Post
the possibility of a LS7 in a SS Camaro is'nt that far off. SS camaro usually have had base model vette engines in them. In 09, 2010 corvette is going to the C7 series and GM says that base model vettes will have LS7's in them. so why wouldent camaro ss have LS7's in them. besides the price of them of course. a brand new LS7 costs about 15-17K, and I dont have a clue how much the tranny costs. But I did just see a commercial for a cadillac cts-v thats 600hp with a LS7 engine. so the possibility is there
You can buy a brand new LS7 crate motor from several sources right now for $12-13K. As more are produced the price will come down. As far as the tranny, the Vette's and CTS-V's use a T56. You can buy a race ready T56 for $2200.

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