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Originally Posted by Eisenhower View Post
Should the need arise, the corvette Z06's LS7 V-8 stands ready to outmuscle Dodge's Hemi by 80 horsepower. -Bob Lutz
Um, the need HAS arisen! Just ask anyone here!

I think Chevy DOES need to put a 500+hp engine in the new Camaro just to keep pace with Ford and Dodge...

The new Mustang GT (2009) will probably output 350-375hp

The new Challenger will put out 435-450hp

The new Camaro HAS to put out something competative, and the LS7 is a ready-made, proven solution!

That being said, I WOULD shell out some serious $$$ for a supercharged LS7 (even if it meant eating RAMEN noodles for a year or so)... its just going to be SO worth it!

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