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It's in an older issue of MT. May '06 pg. 49
He, [Bob Lutz] responded to questions about the Camaro concept's 25-horsepower deficit relative to Dodge's Challenger. I wouldn't have posted that if it was just somebody's guess, but they have him stating that, "on the record".

Also, Mr. Lutz is talking to reporters about how many Camaro's GM needs to sell to compete with that of Ford's Mustang... He say's that they need to "offer an entry level V-6 priced just over $20,000, and an affordable V-8 model priced under $30,000".

The cost of an SS model??? Anyone's guess but if GM's going to stick to Mr. Lutz' claims, then I can't see them charging an extra $10,000 for a $6800 engine.
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