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Originally Posted by BlackWidow View Post

Let me first just say that I'm one of those members - that lurk more then they talk , my work and school keep me busy and I'm lucky if I can login once a week and get updates.

So this will be my first time contributing .

I'm a proud owner of a 2010 Camaro SS which is Black in color with the white stripes, it does have the ground effects kit and looks sweet. However I opted not to go with the RS package and got the cheap light kit - you know the stock ugly yellow ones .

Anyways - when I did save up the $225-250 I decided to get a proper HID kit, being that this car is relatively new/rare I was unable to find many vendors "reputable" who carried kits. During my search I came across our site member ( aka Nick. I contacted him and after being convinced he was the way to go I made my order..

Well as happy as I was to see how well built the package was, the more depressed I was when I started to realize this is not a "DIY" job for the average consumer who just likes to drive...

1) So my first challenge came in contacting about how to do it, he was very helpful and actually sent me a link to a photobucket account which had detailed pictures of how to do it. As helpful as it was - I just did'nt feel comfortable doing it.

So I took it to my friendly GM dealership who quoted me $100 to do it.

2) Once GM was done, I was super excited to pick up the car with my new HID kit, unforunately however within the first week the right side light went out I was super frustrated and contacted and to him. To my surprise unlike several vendors - he actually stood behind his products and offered to send me a new bulb, which I receieved in 2-3 business days...

3) With the new bulb i took it to GM, they put it one - and still no worky , this time they diagnosed it back to a bad relay (right side).. by now I'm frustrated and beganing to understand why its better to pay $$$$ for stock HIDs up front.. with great dismay i contact again and explain him my situation... he once again calmly offered to ship me a new kit or just a new relay.. I went the relay route and in 2-3 business days I receieve it...

4) So for the 3rd time I take it to GM, and within 10 minutes they had the relay switched out and working great..

Its been over 2 weeks now and everything seems to be working great. My experience with has been great, I paid close to $200-$225 for the hi-low 8000k kit from him, and the customer service I got was top notch. My car looks great and I encourage you all to buy from as my experience with him over a month has been

Nice!! I intend to do the same at some point, I'll keep BFXenon in mind.

Now all you need is some Halo's and you'll be set.
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