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OK, I had to wait till I had enough day light at the end of the day, & a little warmer too.
First off, If your time is limited, like mine was, have it ready to go. I cleaned the spoiler edges & applied the tape a few days ago. I had to jimmy the plugs holding the trunk lid liner off, a fork tool would have been NICE....
The next part pissed me off, I don't have any metric tools, all my cars have been older American. SUCKED....I did get the spoiler off, & I did drop a nut inside the lid, now I have to go buy one of those magnet stick know, the thing that seems to be a gadget till you need it, I guess it's time.
There are 6 bolts going into the trunk & there's some tweaking to get them lined up (they suggest two people install this, but I was alone). But before you do that, there's actually 7 holes in the trunk lid. There's a special tape to seal it, I had a small bumper sticker I put on both sides to seal it. Also I had to remove my "RS" badge, the back rib came down over the corner of it.

Bummers, The back bars do not rest against the trunk. I hope it settles & lays down eventually. The tape channel inside the spoiler doesn't seem wide enough to get the tape on it solid. I was freaked about the trunk top laying down, it seemed twisted, but I was able to hold it down till it bonded, as the instructions noted.
Someone said they didn't like the back bars coming down, but they line up with the center on the tail lights on each side, I like it. I just hope they lay down.
I like the spoiler, It may need some tweaking, or maybe I do
You can barely see it in your rear view mirror, & only the corners in your side mirrors. I'm old school, I love the early Camaro spoilers & you can certainly C the one on my AMX. They look naked without them ! I'm just Say'n !
Now I have to find someplace to get the Stripe stickers to put on the spoiler, no luck so far, only the whole set.

You will C it this Saturday if your at the "Welcome Home", Here's a few pix;
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