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Originally Posted by lwlkr92 View Post
Black looks awesome when your car is flawless, which usually isn't for long. The silver on these cars is all right(no offense) but I always thought that silver looked too much like primer. If not for the IOM, I would have went with RJT or VR.
actually my very first choice way back before i even wanted the abm as gonna be VR. I saw it in the showroom and really liked it too. But the thing again about red is that when it has dust on it, it takes on a sort of lighter pinkish look and red also doesnt age well in the sun. Fading is really noticeable on older red cars. Plus, red is just too stereotypical of muscle cars. Mustangs are like flies in red. I really do like the RJT though. The one i test drove was RJT and its nice but it just doesnt seem "me" if you know what i mean. seems too close to maroon to me which is too close to brown in some lighting. My parents have a silver equinox and even it looks pretty good. The camaro brochure really makes the silver appear awesome on this car. Im not the kind of guy that obsesses over a car and wants to wash it every day and wax it and all that. I just want a nice car i like that i can kick around in and not feel bad about every bit of dust and smudge. Im not into showing off and whatnot. If people admire my new car and say something I will appreciate that though but whatever. Its the car I want and its SHINEY

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