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Originally Posted by gtahvit View Post

Here's the scoop.

Scott Setltemre and Bob Lutz have all but confirmed this publicly. Some enthusiasts were able to visit the proving grounds in AZ. They were able to talk to some of the drivers who had by chance driven the prepro camaros. One of the drivers let it slip that one of the cars was supercharged. That's how it leaked that a blown camaro was in the works. Hence all the speculation that a Z28 would be blown.

So to answer your question, yes at least one of the prepros was blown.....

We think that is what Mr. Lutz was referring to when he said "we can't justify our original plan." We don't know what the Z28 may or may not be. I don't think the Z28 is dead. But it looks like the blower is, at least from the factory.

As far as numbers go. Most speculated that an LSA from the CTSV would be the production power plant at 550hp. Other than that
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