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They put the stripes over the top so it doesnt look retarted to people sitting in the stands, lol, it actually looks like one full package instead of just accent on the hood and trunk, so i definatly like it...and where the hell did rally stripes begin to be called "mustang stripes"??

Anyways, i really like it, living in this god forsaken state we have two things to be really proud of, that being:

1. The Indianapolis Colts! (who are going to face the Saints in the SuperBowl, both undefeated) =D LOL

2. The Indianapolis 500! Only the most famous, prolific, nastalgic, historic race track in the world (yeah it trumps Daytona cause we race IRL, motorcycles, and have drag races here as well as Nascar)

All that said, i hope they put these cars into a limited production model like the 3rd gen and 4th gen pace car Camaros, i was annoyed at how they decided not to produce them this year since they were making the "Bumblebee Edition" which didnt even include the changes from Transformers 2, i mean i understand its like the Bandit but come on, coulda put more into it than the name of the movie and the logo in a few tiny places.....wonder what will be pacing the 100th Anniversery?
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