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Originally Posted by NVMY68SS View Post
I might have missed a post or two with everything that's going on, but do we need to pay ahead if we are picking up in Indy?
No. It might make it easier if you do. But, it's your call.

We just really want to get all the payments taken care of so the shirts can be shipped asap.

I want to make sure everyone who wanted a shirt, gets one.

Also, the list is updated but Al said there were three more payments that had problems...shipping info wasn't mentioned, ACTUAL shirts weren't mentioned, or otherwise.

All those who paid but don't see thier payments marked, check you email and see if Al sent you a message. Respond to him asap to get it fixed. Thanks!


CHECK YOUR ORDERS. I've sent out PM's to everyone here who wanted a shirt. I know some people don't get on right away and don't check the site as much as others, guys MUST check the order post made by me in this thread. If you have no shipping information listed on your order and you go to Indy expecting to get your shirts, guess what??? No shirts will be there for you.

All of those people who said they are picking up at Indy have their shirts seperated from 5 giant boxes and are tucked away to go to Indy. Al is taking the extras to sell. But, make sure your delivery method is UPDATED!!!!

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