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Originally Posted by DkknightX View Post
In hindsight, GM really did leave out many of the popular effects on the production model compared to the concept. If people were spending $40K on their car and wanted all of these effects, GM should have offered just about all of the more popular options like "afterburner tail lamps," for a few hundred more. I'd even pay a few thousand more just to make sure I wasn't buying a Camaro that lost some excitement in the transition from concept to production vehicle. GM dropped the ball with this. The gas tank placement I could care less about, but why not finish the damn car with the best tail lamps? Maybe if they focused more on this, they would have taken more care in better protecting the lamps. So many people complaining of water filling the housing. I want a Camaro, not a Honda CRX hatchback. Every time I've seen one of these cars their tail lamps and trunk plastic molding are like half filled with water. LOL!
Although those afterburner tailights look awesome, I believe the answer as to why they're not part of the production model would be cost! After all, price the replacement cost of just one front Halo light! Also having a company gear up to make enough of them for 100k plus cars a year (I believe GM had run into this issue with the Halo's earlier this year) and add the fact what another member said... the concept lights are pretty deep and would take up trunck space. Maybe this could end up being part of the Z28 package.... who knows but I would like to see GM put out a version of them for add on's!
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