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Here's my 79 Berlinetta. It's definitely come a long way from it's stock form. I'm in the process of removing all the emblems that show it as a Berlinetta simply because I'm resto-modding it and want to make it mine.

Built .40 over 350, polished and ported, Iron Eagle Heads and Valves, Scorpion High Performance lifters, Edelbrock Performer RPM High Rise Intake, Edelbrock 750 carb, Holley Blue Electric fuel pump, converted to dual electric fans, 3 inch exhaust going into 4 foot glasspack sidepipes, will be exchanging the manifolds (only way at the time to make the sidepipes work) to headers after the holidays, rear disc conversion kit with drilled/slotted rotors. Car was originally a 305, 2-speed powerglide and limited slip. It's now the 350, TH350, and posi rear. I'm almost certain it has 2.73 gears, so we'll be moving up to 3.73 or 4.11's by Spring.
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