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CTS-V Engine is ACTUALLY 6.2L Supercharged!

As I had guessed... is now correcting itself and posting what we have talked about at length:

"UPDATE: Our sources have just confirmed that the supercharged V-8 that will power the 2009 Corvette SS/Z07/Blue Devil and the supercharged V-8 that will power the '09 Cadillac CTS-v will be 6.2 liters, not the 7.0-liter as we reported in our July issue. It makes sense in that General Motors was getting the horsepower, but not the torque it wanted from the 427.6 cubic-inch engine. Despite the engine difference, we continue to expect the CTS-v to come with some 600-horsepower when it arrives.

NOW everything is coming together... it makes waaay more sense. They will def. stick this engine in the new Camaro Z28 (IMHO), so we can hope for BIG things!

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