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This pic is with the red lens removed.

And this is the same pics, There is 3" of depth to the rear lens and i did put 2 layers of tint on the inner lens.

This is the back of the tail light hosing you see two sets of wires one is for the afterberner LED's and the next set is for the Brake light LED's

One more pic of the hosing with nothing in it.

This is the hart of all the light it the 1/2 Moon that i made as you can see its Dark there are 2 layers of 20% tint on the lens, And a lot more as you will see.

In the next 2 pics you can see that on the outside of this 1/2 Moon i have almost 50 LED's all red but if need be you can add some yellow ones to add to the look.

The 2nd pic.

This pic is of the back side of the 1/2 Moon you will see a lot of Small wires.

This is inside that 1/2 Moon look at all the LEDs in that part.

One moor pic of the inside for you.

I want to thank bolteon593 for the help and all the rest of the members on Camaro5 for all the help.

I have one more thing i want to try If i have a relay on the brake side that will run a resister on the afterburner side will that not make the afterburner lees brite as soon as you hit the brake.
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