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Originally Posted by djsnoflake View Post
Hey sorry I misunderstood you through the magic of internet typing. I take "Heavy Duty" suspension to mean that it takes more of a beating and is actually made for supporting a heavier weight (Like on a truck or all the extra weight of police gear).

And I am not saying they don't already have some of the parts they might need. I am also not saying it wouldn't be easy to put together. It is relatively easy to get some new parts made in the grand scheme of things.

What I am saying is that it will be difficult to make a profit off of the low sales volume that having such an option would generate. And that more diversity equals a higher cost for all Camaro models.

I think that suspension/performance wise, GM would do best by mimicing Ford and making a Track-Pack type option that adds handling components and maybe some shorter gearing. Not a whole lot of people are interested in taking options like A/C off their cars anymore.

GM isn't really jumping back into low volume niche vehicles/models right now. They need to make a profit before they can start playing this game. If they could make niche vehicles, we'd know cause the Z/28 would be announced already.
All a 1LE would really need is the L99 + tranny in an LS body, the 18" steel wheels are already there, add BF Goodrich Ultra High Performance radials over the stock BFG radials, add stiffer suspension, heavier brakes (not Brembo though). Keep the LS interior features but just delete the XM and Onstar. Bingo, you've got the 1LE and at least the bones for your police package (they usually run oil and tranny coolers as well + HD alternators + center console delete + radio delete). Just saying, the package would not be that difficult to offer.
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