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Calm down bro.

Originally Posted by Lifted07Sierra View Post

Dont know how much its been discussed, but if the 08 LS3 vette is putting down 390rwhp. Id imagine at worse the new SS is going to be 370rwhp. Not to mention a few mods bringing it over 400rwhp
Originally Posted by Lifted07Sierra View Post
The GT500 also costs $15k-20k more than what the SS will
Bro first you quoted power numbers and were off. Now you are saying the Camaro SS will be 15-20K cheaper than the Shelby GT500, when pricing has not even been announced. We all hope it will cost that much less. But dude right now you are 0-2, and best to slow down while you are not quite so far ahead. Dude and for peat sake stop quoting info for fact unless you can back it up if challenged. Making assumptions or guesses is one thing and every one here does it. But when you start to say things that sound like info based off fact that does not exist, people that know better will challenge this simply because it can be debunked.
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