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My 2010 Camaro (Cybertron) Journal

How My Camaro Came to Be:
I wanted the new Camaro as soon as I saw the first pictures of the new 5th gen model. I always liked the first and second gen and now loved the 5th but this remake was something I thought was out of my reach for a while. I had a lot of things going on in my life but figured if I saved for a few years maybe I could get one down the road. Then this past September most of those things fell through and to top it off I broke my foot, and was unable to drive for a while.

When I was able to drive again I had to trade cars with my mom for a while, as I broke my left foot and had a Jeep Wrangler which was manual. Her car of course was Automatic. One day after we traded my dad called and said, "Your mom was ok but your jeep has been totaled." Sure enough the car was wrecked beyond repair in a situation outside of her control. She was completely fine, which was the most important thing and as I told her things work out for a reason.

Ordering my Camaro:
A bunch of other things I had going on at the time fell through as well, and it is sorta like they say when it rains it pours; but as I have always found things work out. Shortly after the wreck I got more money from insurance for my Jeep than I ever expected, and when I added that to money I had saved over the last couple years a Camaro was now a real possibility. After checking a few Camaro's out I decided to just order one and ordered My Camaro on November 18th and it arrived on December 10th almost a month before they told me it would be here.

My Camaro:
I ordered a 1LT with C&C and a sunroof in SIM. After It arrived I had my first mods done in the form of the spoiler added and inferno orange stripes. I will admit I miss my Jeep Wrangler, but this is such an awesome fun car and someday I will get a jeep again. Plus it is fun to have a car to drive around with my parents cars, as my mom has a 67 Mustang and my Dad has the 70 Road Runner.

Well there are a lot of things I would like to do, and I love to build and work on projects in general. When I had my Jeep I took out all the carpet and rino lined the interior which was a big but fun job. I also changed my oil and rotated my tires, but other than that never really worked on the engine. Performance not really being what I was going for in the Jeep. What I would like to ask all of you, what basic things do you do to improve performance? I plan to add a cold air intake and aftermarket exhaust at some point, but are there any basic things people do to improve performance?

Current Camaro Setup
C&C Package
Sun Roof
Orange Painted Stripes
18" LM-25 Blizzak Winter tires

Future Additions / Mods I would like to make whenever I get to it:

Redo the interior trim to be Orange Trim.
Add some ambiant Trim Lighting.
Break Vent Inserts.
Cold Air Intake
New Exhaust
10" ******** package
Footwell lighting
(Who knows what else, you never are truely done with these things.)

My Camaro When it arrived:

My Camaro After Stripes were added as well as I put on the Winter wheels:

More and better pics to come, as I am out of town right now and really need to take some better pics but of course when I was home I was too busy driving it.

Ordered My Camaro on November 18th. / Built on December 4rth / Arrived on December 10th / Stripes were finished and I took it home on December 15th 2009!!!

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