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Originally Posted by BLKnCHRME09Deluxe View Post
Nobody has a SOLID answer to this question.
There is no SOLID answer to this question. "Ride" is a completely subjective measurement. Personally, I do not want the same "Ride" in my Concorde as I would my SRT. Depending on what "Ride" you are looking for, your answer is going to be different.

Dampers are desinged and valved to work with a certain spring rate and travel. When you change one of those variables, you should change the dampening, or the "Ride" won't be balanced. When you say "lowering springs", are you refering to a spring with the same or greater rate as the stock springs? A shorter suspension travel with a greater spring rate, paired with the same dampening force is going to create a jostled ride, because the dampening force can't keep up with the stronger spring rate.

Adjustable coilovers allow you to tune the dampening forces to the rate and travel of the spring, giving you the ability to create a better "RIDE". Doesn't mean that ride will still be to harsh for you. Most established suspension tuners can provide you with a spring for your coilovers with a lesser rate, for a softer "RIDE", but then you might want them to adjust the range of the dampening, but from the sounds of it, I'm guessing you'll never adjust them anyways.

It seems like we've come to the Form vs. Function delimma... "I want my Camaro to look cool, but I want it to feel like a Cadillac."

If you still want to lower your car, but you're concerned about a comfy right, have you thought about stepping down to a 19" wheel, and increasing the tire sideway? You could still lower your car, but use some of the tire to help soften out your ride. But I guess that wouldn't look as cool...

Simple answer: Coilover > Drop Springs
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