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Thumbs up KW Variant 3 Install - PHASTEK Performance

We had a chance to install a set of KW Variant 3 adjustable coil overs for the 2010 Camaro last week, what a sweet setup! Here is a quick note from KW on the setup, along with some pictures of the product & install, as well as some inserts from KW. Let us know what you think!

2010 Camaro KW Variant 3 & Variant 1 Adjustable Coil Overs are now available at!

KW Suspensions Adjustablt Coil-Over Kit - Variant 3 - 2010 Camaro

KW coilover suspension for the Chevrolet Camaro (Oct/26/2009):

Suspension specialist KW applies Variant 3 including approval by the Technical Control Board:
- Perfect road holding for the Muscle Car
- Individual lowering and set-up adjustment possible

With the Chevrolet Camaro, a legend from the 60s and 70s comes back to life. A long bonnet, an aggressive front section, a voluminous engine with 3.6 and 6.2 litres cubic capacity and the rear wheel drive characterise the US-American sports car.

One can sense that the serial version was made for the broad and straight American roads, as on German streets, the car lacks driving comfort and renders strong car body vibrations. Moreover, the steering precision is not sufficient and the strong understeering in curves yearns for improvement as far as handling and performance of this muscle car on German roads are concerned.

With the KW coilover suspension Variant 3, the Camaro significantly gains performance and an amazing driving comfort. KW achieved the optimal suspension set-up for the Camaro on its in-house innovative 7-post driving dynamics test stand.

Owing to the suspension that KW offers, the sports car dynamically tackles curve speeds which would have led to massive understeering struggles with the serial version.

The substantially more precise steering sensation renders an optimal response from the road. This allows a relaxed, fast drive even at maximum speeds, ensures more safety and gives the passionate driver more driving pleasure at the limit.

Expert drivers can not only adjust the lowering, but also the rebound-and and compression forces of the damping individually and independently. Therefore, the set-up can be perfectly adjusted to the road scenario and the preferences of the driver.

Apart from a significant improvement in safety, also the whole look of the Camaro is enhanced, as it is lowered by up to 40 mm at the front and up to 35 mm at the back.

The advantages of the KW coilover suspension already show after the first few metres. A simple glance across the bonnet confirms how calm the front remains even when the car drives over an extremely rough ground, ensuring pleasant driving comfort.

Special delivery

Nice and neat

Fresh out of the box!

Just what we have been waiting for!

Stock front suspension...

Another shot of the stock front setup...

Stock rear suspension...

Another shot of the stock rear setup...

KW Variant 3's installed in the front...

KW Variant 3's installed in the rear...

And another final shot of the rear setup. Very nice!!
Once we get the new wheels on I will have more pictures and updates for everyone.

As always, let us know what you think!
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