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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
I think they should be. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but first I thought CORSA was making the catback (mostly because the shapes of the mufflers I saw on the trucks matched what I saw on CORSA's site) because of the dual wall stainless tips. Someone said it was actually BORLA who made them, which is fine by me because I love BORLA, especially on my '02. It has a flange that's perfect for an electric cutout and it works perfectly. Anyways, I'm sure they'll engineer parts that are at least on par with aftermarket guys and you'll be able to roll the cost into the loan with the car (although - who wants to pay interest for at least five years on an $800 exhaust...)

Anyways, I'm sure they're going to have many accessories that will be great.
GM has had a lot of luck with Corsa on the Cobalt, and they probably want to continue that trend on the Camaro.

There will also be a bunch of other accessories. GM has been keeping quiet about other performance options, so we may be getting nothing or we may be getting lots of goodies.
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