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Originally Posted by shroomjohn View Post
I was always curious why people say dont payment shop if you know the interest rate and length of financing its not like theyre gonna sneak in another year on the loan or change the rate or anything. I payment shop I just READ before I sign anything so I know exactly what Im getting into. Say I wanted a 450 payment and I knew the financing was 6.99 for 72 mo I'd know Id be paying 26.5k for an ss and Id know Id be very happy!
Some people just care about the payment and not about the interest, length, and even the actual price of the vehicle. I see it ALL the time as a loan officer. very few people do read what they sign. Its good to be informed. But ya know what, if its some ones dream to have a camaro, I say go for it, even if you dont get the perfect rate or whatever..... As long as you still take care of your family first....
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