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Okay. I'm going to ignore your sarcasm and try to help you answer your question. When you're refering to the 30 and 25 series of tires, are we to assume that your are staying with the 245 adn 275 tread widths for the front and rears, or are your new 22's a different width from the stockers? A sidewall series means nothing if the tread width isn't included. If they are the same, your front wheel/tire combo radius will remain the same, and your rear will only shrink .6 inches. So your front fender gap will be the same as it is now, and your rear will increase by .6 inches.

If you're still looking at drop springs, just measure the gap, and get a spring with a drop rating that removes that gap to an inch. But you should get the coilovers. That way you can fine tune your fender gap, and adjust your dampening for your desired ride quality. You won't have that flexability with just drop springs.

The Pedders guys are very helpful and I'm sure their xA's are a great match for what you need.

About the alignment, everytime you make an adjustment to your suspension geometry, your alignment changes. If it's a temporary, minor ride height adjustment, I wouldn't worry, but if you're gonna keep your changes, get it aligned or you'll ruin tires and mess with your cars handling.

When you go to all those rodeos, do you ride your 'slammed' Harley?

Hope your build goes well!

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