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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
A 1SS is likely to be the least festooned RPO V8 offered...for all the reasons outlined above. 2000 Camaro 1LEs, from '88 to '02, does not present a very compelling business case for a V8 1LE's "return"...

Race car builders have the option of GM PP's "body-in-white" Program to build from. Combined with a write-off SS (which, with winter now here, are increasing in numbers, daily!), just like Burger King, you can "have it your way"...

As mentioned earlier in the Camaro "history lesson", the '67 Z28 was a Package created through Vince Piggins essentially for Trans Am Series qualification. A basic car with a high-winding, relatively torqueless engine (kinda sounds like the LLT, no?) which anyone who drove a '67-'69 showroom Z28 can confirm. Suspension upgrades beyond the SS350. Front Disc Brakes. NO stripes or spoilers or badging to speak of, on most '67s...

Soooooooo...use an LS or 1LT as the basis for creating a truly "heritage-inspired" Camaro (and my vote would be for the LS). Upgraded Brembos and bars and bushings. Throw in a 91-octane "tune" and, perhaps, the already GM PP-"validated" exhaust and CAI...voila! 350 (a magic GM/Camaro number!) hp, canyon carving vehicle dynamics (with the 20s and Summer-only rubber), 30 mpg CAFE-friendly "economy", and instant Demand for a V6 version GM desperately NEEDS! One step ahead of the EcoBoost Mustang, pending...and legitimately call it the 1LE...

1LE was a '98-'02 outgrowth, in the US, for a Canadian-conceived and -developed Package tagged "R7U". These cars, first manufactured for the '86 Model Year, were purpose-built for the GM/Player's Challenge Series for IROCS and Trans Ams, and were developed by GM Canada for a CASC-sanctioned Series which raced as a support to ChampCar races in Toronto and Sanair, as well as endurance series run at Mosport and other venues. A separate Series was run in the West. The Series was developed by Martin Chenhall, Earl Dickenson and Bill Ball, with funding from GM Canada and Player's (Imperial Tobacco), and was the tool used by (among others) Ron Fellows to successfully (!!) develop his sedan-racing skills. In fact, Earl Dickenson was the man who introduced Ron to Herb Fishel at GM Racing...and the rest, they say, is history...

LS...350 hp...Brembos...bars...bushings...20s...NO spoilers...NO gingerbread... Light and agile, NOT "overwhelming", but "talented"...

As a relatively unknown/unappreciated Package in '67, Chev sold 602. NO internet to pass the word along. By '69 (with its extended Model run), numbers swelled to 19,000+, and today a '69 Z28 is considered THE coveted Camaro to own. That's why there were 19,000 sold, and today there's a few 100,000 of them on the roads!

But the car was NEVER the quickest/fastest 1st Gen Camaro, off the showroom floor.

History CAN repeat itself. Paint some in Sunoco Blue, or Smokey Black-n-Gold, and see what happens!!!

What has been the sustained success secret to the Mustang? "Exciting", volume-based Packages for the V6 versions ("Pony", anyone?). Camaro MUST do the same...and THIS version would be unlike anything currently at the Ford Store...

Or, as usual, will GM simply wait till someone else does it to show THEM the way?!
And build a camaro that will get dropped on the race track and twisty roads by a base Mustang GT or even V6 with the Track Pack...

The weight difference between an LS and a 1SS is 69 lbs... Check if you don't believe me. Even jacking the V6 HP by 50 will get you nowhere.

You are missing the point of 1LE. It was a car a guy could buy, cage, and go showroom stock racing with. Or Autocross the hell out of it. This car is HEAVY even in V6 form, a 1LE will NOT be competitive with the 350Zs and Hyundai Genesises of the class it will be in.

I agree there should be some "hot" V6 versions like Ford has with the Mustang, but your idea is NOT a 1LE car and surely not a Z28 either.

* ps the Z28 DID have stripes, and chrome and shiny rally wheels. What you describe is more of a COPO car that the Z28 never was, it was a homologation special but still had some things to make it a daily car and indicate its racing connection.
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