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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Have you seen pictures of Jeff Smith's "original" barn-find-type '67 Z28 recently featured in Car Craft Magazine? NO stripes... In fact, he owned it for many years before realizing exactly what it was (converted to A/T, with hydraulic lifters by a previous female owner)...and Jeff is no dummy when it comes to Chevys...he is, in fact, a John Lingenfelter "protoge' ".

Stripe-delete was a common request "back in the day". Z/28s, SSs..."Have it your way" existed, then...

Rally wheels were part of the Package...15", unlike the 350/396 SS's 14's.

AGAIN, GM MUST do something to properly create sustained V6 Market Demand. The original business case prescribed it (60% V6/40% V8), and its Supplier Commitments predicate it. THAT is why SSs have been more difficult to get since August and, from time to time, will be again, but this tactic does NOTHING to ENCOURAGE V6 Demand... Without it, the Camaro "run" may be shortened...AGAIN...while Mustang prospers...
And what does his car not having stripes have to do with it? If you ordered a Z28 it came with stripes and wheels, you had to option it otherwise...

I agre they need to bring up demand for the V6 eventually but the car is still selling like hotcakes... In a year they will need to spice up the V6 to continue selling it. V6 packages are a great idea, but Using a monkier associated with a factory road race car is NOT the way.

Ford gets away with adding stickers and trim, now you can get a V6 track pack, start there see where it goes.
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