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Originally Posted by PfadtRacing View Post
I agree with some of the other comments that the "ride quality" is subject to interpretation, so I think an important question to ask is: What are you intending to use the vehicle for?

The drop springs will give you a great aesthetic look and a slightly firmer feel to your suspension. There are differences between the manufacturers of drop springs, so investigate exactly which set of springs will get you the right drop, durability and ride quality. A good set of springs will improve the ride by adding a firm but not harsh feel. You'll probably need to get opinions from end users on the relative ride quality of springs. This is a good solution that requires minimal cost for parts and installation, and will provide a similar ride quality to what the Camaro already has.

If you are interested in gaining more performance also, you could achieve the same drop with a coil-over solution and gain a lot of other things in the process. The benefits of coilovers in general and Pfadt units in particular are tunable damping and adjustable ride height. The adjustable damping fits well with your ride quality concern, because the damping plays a large role in ride quality. With the Pfadt coilovers there are 20 damping positions that will allow you to tailor the ride to suit your taste. Think of this as custom valving that you can change with a few twists of a knob. The softer damping settings provide better ride quality. If you have further questions, please feel free to post up and Iíll be happy to answer them. There is obviously a substantial increase in cost when making the move to coilovers. But the added performance, tuning aspects, and adjustability make them well worth a consideration.

And as a final note, if you are interested in taking a performance based approach I suggest that sway bar upgrades are a great tuning option. They have the ability to affect car balance without ride quality compromise. These, matched with a coil spring package can offer a tremendous amount in terms of performance increase, and maintain great "ride" quality, relative to OEM. Our Pfadt Sport Package (Pfadt drop springs and Sport swaybars) is a great package for cleaning up the ride height and getting the handling to a point where GM should have put it. It is a great all around package for a driving enthusiast.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions regarding suspension upgrades for your vehicle.
This is just the info i needed ...THANK looks to me that coilovers may be my best bet.

Looks like you have a great product....Not trying to be a smarta$$ but is there a reason that you guys are charging about $800.00 more than Pedders set-up. coil-overs...Will you guys price match Pedders.
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