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Originally Posted by djsnoflake View Post
In this day and age, an up-optioned V-6 like the rumored "executive edition" will do more to promote V6 sales than taking away options.

Also agreed...but that is fodder for another thread...

Regardless of whether "more is better", "less is more", or ???, the V6 is CLEARLY what GM, Camaro, the public and CAFE must more flavors... a recipe Ford has used very successfully since '64, continuously...

2015 (and its debilitating mpg requirements) is not that far away...and the current fuel-swilling 6.0 L+ V8s in porcine chassis, as well-engineered as they are, are doomed beyond that date. The future starts right about now... Lighter is better, carbon footprint IS a reality, and nimble is best...
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