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My $.02, is that while I would absolutely love(and definitely buy) a new Firebird, a great point was made about a GTO being the better option. It would offer more originality, and while it is a nostalgic name, it fits in more with the "G" named lineup (G5, G6, and G8). I think they would be able to sell no problem as long as they do like they did with the Camaro, make it easily identifiable as a GTO. Bring some things back that were unique to Pontiac and the GTO(such as the "Ram Air" package, the hood design, and the rear quarter window shape of the '68-'72 models) without it being too retro, just like they did with the Camaro. Maybe even imitate Mopar for a bit and offer a "Judge" package. The clay concept from '98-'99(?) would be a great place to start. I would definitely buy one if they did this. I do love the new Camaro, but I truly am a Pontiac guy at heart. They need to let me know something soon though or Chevrolet is getting my dollar, and I really don't want to spend my money on a Camaro only to have a badass GTO suprise everybody a year later. I don't want to take that loss in negative equity. Lets go Pontiac! Let the Poncho fans know something!
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