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Originally Posted by Killer Bee View Post
Since this has turned into a sunroof thread I am surprised by all of the so called tall people complaining that the sunroof option is so undesireable. I am over 6'2" and 200lbs and have no problem with the interior of the car. Yes, the reverse mohawk is awesome, and there is slightly more head room (emphasis on slightly). I can't imagine that it is really that big of a deal for anyone 6' 2" or under that isn't wearing a helmet. :troll:
since someone has resurrected this thread from the dead I will say that I am 6'-0" and I have little headroom. This is with the seats all the way down. The only option I have is to tilt the back of the seat which I don't like.

It's all about your torso length (upper body).

the best thing to do is to sit in one before buying.
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