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Originally Posted by daphatgrant View Post
*Updated with pics added to Indpowr and Unrestricted Motorsports

Is this spoiler made by Carbon Creations or DuraFlex?

Thanks for all the input in this thread everybody , I'm pretty honored to have this thread stickied .

Happy New Year to everyone
No problem, Daphatgrant. And BOTH Duraflex and Carbon Creations makes that spoiler - the Carbon Creations one is carbon fiber while Duraflex makes the fiberglass one. Either way, you might as well just say it's made by Extreme Dimensions.

BTW, you're a firefighter? Any advice, man? It's the career I'm trying to get. ALL my half brothers were in the Miami-Dade Fire dept, although we plan on moving to Pennsylvannia soon. I'm taking classes right now to get an EMT certification to give me some leverage since I'm aware that it's fairly competitive and I'm not going in the military which is usually who Fire Depts seem to choose first as far as I've been told.

Thanks again and a Happy New Year to you too.
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