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Glove box light

I use my glove box allot and wanted a light in it.
So when I got a Oracle LED light kit for Christmas & only changed the dome light I had a extra cool LED light. So I decided to do a glove box light mod.
Other than the a little wire and a light bulb you only need 2 parts.
A switch and a light socket. I used a door jam switch for a 94 Chevrolet truck & a marker light socket. Less then $10. @ Advance auto parts.
The part numbers are s1067 for the switch and 8581608598 for the socket.

My camera is crappy so forgive the bad pictures.

The switch has 3 terminals but you only need the outside 2. ignore the one in the middle. You may can order a pigtail or get one out of a salvage yard but I just used 2 small spade connectors and some epoxy to hold them in the switch.
Hot melt glue would also work.
Wires for the switch

Wires installed in switch

Then I removed the glove box door and drilled a hole for the switch. (A 5/8 drill bit was just a hair to small. I used a box cutter to trim just a little more for the switch to fit).

Above the glove box is a plastic cover that is held in by 5 torx head screws. 3 in the front along the opening of the glove box and one on each side close to the rear. At the rear on each side it has fittings that snap into place. After you remove the screws just give it a little pull and it will pop lose.

Again with the 5/8 drill bit I drilled a hole for the light socket.

The plastic is real soft so I warmed it up a little with a heat gun and pushed the light socket in. Once it cooled it locked in real tight.

Here it is with the LED bulb installed

I was going to run a separate wire to the fuse panel but after looking around there is a constant 12 volt power wire directly above the glove box. In the harness that runs above the glove box you can see 2 large red wires. One has a black stripe and is larger the other is just red. I spliced into the smaller one without the stripe.

I am running it straight to the light socket so I am not really worried about it shorting out so I did not put a fuse on it. (A fuse would not hurt)

I ran one wire from the switch to the light socket and the other I ran up and over the glove box with the factory harness to a ground on the other side.

This is basically how I have it wired.

Here it is without the glove box door

Put the glove box door back on and it is good to go

You have to lay in the floor and look up to see the bulb but it lights up the glove box Great and is up high enough I don't believe anything will ever contact it.

Here you go.

It is not that hard and makes it real nice finding stuff in the glove box at night

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