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So anxious.
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Originally Posted by fireresq157 View Post
GM keeps dragging their feet , I think they believe in the old strategy of slowly improving the model year after year. They do this to keep interest and sales up. What they don't realize is that the car hasn't been around for almost 7 years, and they guys that normally upgrade every few years because on new features aren't for the most parts driving camaros anymore. Almost anyone looking into this car segment is going to want one from the beginning and this may cause waiting lists that may spill over in interest for several years. I don't see sales volumes dipping significantly till after 3 years, baring fuel prices changing drastically. Just introduce the model with the most current appeal. Don't use 10 year old technology 2 years from now and try to pass it off as innovation. There's no reason all these future features I.E. heads up, convertible would be available from the beginning. It seams to me the Volt was put on the fast track given the technological challenge witch should have added extra development time and the camaro wasn't. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining just frustrated to wait almost 4 years and maybe 5 or more for those of us that want a vert. Remember word of the concept started hitting the web around Oct of 2005. and that's after 4 to 6 months of development.
Completely agree.
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