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Originally Posted by P. Ham View Post
I will try to confirm the paint they used for the lights when I set that up. Do you know when you'll be getting your car? Will you have your car painted by the dealer or somewhere else?
P Ham:
Thanks for checking on the paint. I got a quote from my dealer to paint spears on my hood and they want $800. Ouch. I seem to remember reading that your dealer got $275 to do your spears (which I just love). I wish I lived closer to your dealer!

My brother and his buddy have a custom paint shop and they do great work. The problem is they live 400 miles from me. I asked him if they could do the spears, paint the strip between my taillights, and black out my bowties over a long weekend. He said they could. So, I think I'll be driving there over spring break to get that work done.

My big concern with that was if I had to leave the keys with them. He said no.
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