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Raise our voices!! We need a 2nd Blue in 2011!!

Im pissed off and worried right now!!

I loved Aqua Blue! But as usual Chevy axes the color after only one only year!! They've done this in the past with other cars Ive wanted. Then were only left with one Blue which is Imperial blue which I do not like.

At first I was not that worried because we were told that Hydo Blue would step in to replace Aqua Blue. Now I'm hearing rumors that Hydro Blue will not replace Aqua Blue!!!

Chevy needs to offer a second Blue !!! I wish I could have bought it in the first year but I could not, and I wont buy it in 2011 if there is not a Bright to medium Blue available!!!!

Please Chevy reconsider Hydro Blue or find another Blue or I wont be buying a Camaro in 2011 !!! Ill either buy a used Aqua Blue or a used c6.

Does any one agree?
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