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Pfadt Race Engineering releases new Camaro V8 Engine Mounts

Happy New Year everyone,

I started this thread in the V8 Engine Forum as well, but I think it applies here as well because it can also be considered a chassis upgrade.

Pfadt Race Engineering releases new Camaro V8 Engine Mounts

At Pfadt, we believe in engineering-driven products that provide solutions to common limitations of performance cars. As a result of this, I wanted start a thread regarding the launch of our new Camaro V8 Engine Mount Kit, which upholds this ideal in every way. My intentions are to give everyone a brief overview, and highlight the DIY aspect of this important upgrade, with comprehensive install instructions.

Our new Camaro Engine Mount kit is certainly a must for all of you who currently have, or plan on having, power adders for your 5th-gen Camaro. Just like in a suspension, soft rubber-based mounting solutions can wear out quickly, lose their effectiveness under load, and lead to problems when upgrading other components on your Camaro. Engine isolation is no exception. This is often overlooked when building a powertrain, because it is commonly a “secondary” consideration.

It is no longer a problem lacking a complete solution, however, because we are currently shipping sets of our new Camaro V8 Engine Mount kit. The kit consists of a 6061 T6 aluminum upper component (with an anodized finish), a zinc plated steel lower component, graphite-impregnated polyurethane hat bushings, and all hardware necessary for installation on both sides. This kit will give you the engine restraint that your Camaro is desperately in need of. And as you will see below, it is incredibly easy for customers of all experience levels to install.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information, or are in need of clarification on installation.

Camaro V8 Engine Mount Installation

Tools Needed:

3/8" drive ratchet
24" long 3/8" extension
torque wrench
15mm socket
18mm deep socket
3/8" drive universal
screw jack

This procedure is best performed on a vehicle lift, however it is possible to install these mounts using a floor jack and jack stands.

The pictures below are to show the stock mount (black rubber part), with the OEM pedestal (silver component above the black mount), and its relation to the engine and front subframe.

And this picture is to illustrate exactly which component we are replacing.


Open hood and using a long extension on a 3/8 ratchet with a swivel, remove the upper engine mount nuts on both sides of the engine (18mm hex)

Raise the car on the lift (or lift the car and safely support on jack stands). If using jack stands, it will be necessary to remove the front tires.

Using the 18mm socket, remove the nuts from the lower stud of the engine mounts.

Using the screw jack and a protective block of wood, raise the engine off of the engine mounts by lifting on a structural portion of the oil pan. Use care to not damage the cast aluminum oil pan. The upward travel of the engine will be limited by the exhaust contacting the underside of the body. Stop when contact occurs, you will get the extra room required by removing the engine mount pedestals from the engine block.

Using the 15mm socket and universal on a long extension, remove the four bolts holding the engine mount pedestals to the engine block on each side.

One at a time move the pedestals out of the way enough to remove the stock engine mounts.


Install the Pfadt engine mounts in place of the stock mount being sure to orient the mounts correctly. The tab on the lower steel portion of the mount will engage a slot in the Camaro subframe.

Re-install the pedestals to the engine block using the original bolts. Torque bolts to 37 lb-ft

Align the upper studs on the Pfadt engine mounts with the holes in the pedestals and carefully lower the engine down onto the mounts.

Using the crush nuts from the factory mounts, start the nuts on the studs of the Pfadt mounts (upper and lower). Torque the lower nuts to 37 lb-ft

Lower the car to the ground. Using the long extension again, torque the upper engine mount nuts to 37 lb-ft.
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