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Originally Posted by mfb_lt1birdman View Post
Since it has been mentioned that GM is still listening/reading. That smaller blade spoiler should be standard on the SS! Just a subtle lil touch to help differentiate it from the rest and IMO greatly improve its appearance.
I agree. Actually, since the base SS has the same lip spoiler as the RS equipped V6, SS models with the RS package should get an upgrade to the blade spoiler.

Originally Posted by SScott View Post
Nice accessories. Beautiful wheels. NO BLOWER. Corvette keeps looking better all the time,
Just because GMPP doesn't offer a blower doesn't mean you can't put one on. And if they offer one for the Vette, it should work just fine on the Camaro. A supercharger should not be the reason to pick the Corvette over the Camaro.

Originally Posted by Superman09 View Post
I am new and this may be the wrong thread for this question so I apologize in advance if it is. But I have a question on the SS/RS package. Is it an all or nothing package? I like the RS package but I don't want the 21" wheels is there a way I can get the RS without the 21" wheels? Thanks for the help
The RS package doesn't offer 21 inch wheels. It only offers 20 inch wheels. And yes it is all or nothing.
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