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WOW!!! I have to say..........with the exception of the painted 21" wheels and maybe the spoiler, the body kit is Hideous. My opinion is that it takes away from the classic lines of the car. It makes it look like the Camaro is trying to look like some souped-up Honda or something. A nice subtle carbon-fiber splitter (like the ZR1 has) would look classier. And why not the stock wheels is 21" painted black or dark grey. All the body kit reminds me of is a gawdy Roush or Saleen Mustang with an excess of plastic. GM could have done much better. Maybe I'll change my mid if I see the car with kit in all one color, like black, but otherwise I'm VERY disappointed.
Like someone else posted, I'd be much happier if the new Bumblebee hood was offered in this showing.
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