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Originally Posted by coolman View Post
I think they should offer many other colors like them or not. This would make them more rare. But, in the real world GM needs to make money and they need to keep colors that sell. I do think it's funny though that dodge it bringing back plum crazy , yellow , and that light blue. But, they don't ever seem to go with the flow. That might be why their're
in the mess their're in.
If you look at the 2009 Challenger Colors and match them to the Camaros,
GM pretty went the safe route, and offered what Challenger/Mustang have out there.

Orange, Red, Burgandy red, white, Dark Blue, Silver, Grey, Black,... of course, with their own interpetations.

The new bright blue that Dodge is offering beats the Aqua green/blue that GM has, and is rightfully killing off.

Besides, the Challenger is a lower volume car, so they can do Plum Crazy, and their Yellow... though it seems that they killed off their Orange... (too bad, that looked bad a$$)
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