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I was doing so well till a bolt slipped and i cracked a spark plug. I was able to get the broken one out easy. i am having a hard time doing my headers cause of the cat issue. Either i put the header up and just put bolts in to hold it there and fight to get the cat on between the header and stock pipe or I install the cat on the header and fight for hrs trying to align the bolts. I am sure doing the passenger side will be easier. At least i hope.

Anyone know what the stock spark plug is for a 2010 camaro ls3?

Originally Posted by Damian View Post
As long as you have the tools, it's easy on these cars.

And yes, you always remove spark plugs when doing headers. Makes the job much easier and eliminates the risk of cracking a plug trying to fight the headers in/out. Plugs are cheap (if you use the right kind and not the double platinum garbage) and should be replaced during a header install anyway.
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