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Originally Posted by jklipan View Post
Well said Zero. Americans have come to expect perfection in just about everything we put our hands on. In my book, this car is a beast of a street pounding SOB (off the showroom floor). I had mine in for the same reason. The GM had the specailist "burnish" the pads to try and eliminate the problem (RF break only). If this is the small price to pay for breaking security, I will tolerate it. I need the car to stop when I want it to with some degree of expectation and sense of what it can and can't do. Fun on the streets and freeway is where it's at for me so I for one am very glad that GM had the presence of mind to put a high performance breaking system on this car.
There is a lot of truth here. GM did the best they could with the allocated budget. Are there better brakes out there? Sure, but these are superior to any previous generation Camaro. They are slightly modified from the CTS-V system, so the costs were kept in line.

Brake bed-in is woefully neglected even by the manufacturers these days. It needs to be done for the brakes to work their best and to promote smoother, quieter operation. Also, don't be afraid to take them out once in a while to have fun and get them good and warm. Slow speed rubbing breaks down the pad transfer layer on the rotor friction surface, leading to decreased stopping power and sometimes extra brake noise.

This is still a first-year car. I'm sure in future model years that adjustments will continue to be made.

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