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Originally Posted by zerolm View Post
You are not going to purchase a car this year that runs 9.90's in the 1/4 mile while also carrying all or your inlaws and getting 34 MPG at the same time. I don't care how much you spend on it or how much money you have. Sometimes there is a trade off between performance and practicality that cannot be transcended. I am sure that in given time there will be a brake pad available for this car that will be more "practical" (Won't stop as well, especially when hot, but won't squeak near as much either)
I am no engineer, however I have extensive experience with full out race cars with very expensive braking systems and they squeak like you would never believe. I am sure many of you watch NASCAR, next time you watch a pitstop on TV, listen closely as the car rolls to a stop in the pit box. I am not saying that the noise shouldn't be improved on the camaro because it should.
I guess my point is that some of you guys purchased a high performance car with high performance brakes for under $40k that outperforms many higher priced cars, but you are outraged that it doesen't ride like a Lexus, accelerate like a top fuel dragster, brake better than a F1 car, with the fuel mileage of a Prius.
Alot of people wonder why it is so difficult for carmakers to produce an affordable performance car such as the camaro. I am sorry to tell you that these sort of complaints are what deters manufacturers from actually giving us these better parts on our stock vehicles. If a GM engineer is reading your posts he is thinking that they should of put the LT calipers on all the cars, that way they would not be getting any complaints..
Bottom line is this, be patient , if this problem persists someone WILL develop a low performance pad/rotor combination for this car that makes no noise at all. Meanwhile, be thankful that GM had the nads to actually put real brakes on a car that cost less than $40k........ Just my opinion...........
i couldn't have said this better myself. i think we are expecting waaaaayy too much here. you can barely notice those weights on the caliper.

this car is a freaking BEAST !! let's stop our knit picking and drive the damn thing !!
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