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It will take all day, For a first time guy, You know how to remove the front bumper, The head light's come off the car that is no big deal.

The hard part is opening the head light, You do the oven thing (if it gets cold put the light back in the oven it will take you 5-10 times on the first light) and then use a pick or screw driver to get under the lens to pop it out, You have to do it on the side and work down the side use 2-3 screw driver to pry it out of the Chanel that has a hard rubber sealer holding the lens in the hosing.

If you deform the hosing you can fix it by using the oven as soon as its up to temp you can bend it back to form, Get some RTV blk to use to seal the lens and the rest is not that hard if you can let the RTV sit over night that is the best.

Good luck and post some PIC's
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