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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
NOT the stock exhaust system.......

that car was built in late fall of last year -- we are still working on final exhaust tone - it will sound better.

Automatic will not sound the same as manual with a V8 -- because the L99 has active fuel management. (Cylinder deactivation)
OK, I have to ask, it was going to happen eventually. If I get the SS auto, and IF I put loud exhaust on it, what is my reaction going to be? Will I be able to get used to it and consider that's the price I gotta pay for having a loud L99?

BTW, Is Cheryl and the gang going to be in Texas? Also, could you bring a Camaro LS3 cutaway poster to Texxezz? My collection has a bare spot between the autographed DI V6 and L99 posters. Thank the gang for the autographs. The auction was a blast!
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