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Haven't updated this in awhile. Been waiting for stuff to be made and shipped. I did get the Cold Air Inductions CAI and got that installed; looks great, works as advertised. I'll get some pics of that here pretty soon.

My latest upgrade which I've been waiting on for months because we pulled together a group buy to convince them to make them, are 2-piece brake rotors from Racing Brake. They only have the fronts in production at the moment but are tooling up for the rear rotors too because we got enough people on a group buy for them to do it. These rotors look fantastic and weigh 6 lbs less than the stock rotors.

Here are some pics:

The first shows how they are packaged; compared to the stock rotors these are a work of art. These rotors are downright beautiful. Next shows the stock rotor on the hub, then the Racing Brake rotor. Then some comparison shots of the stock rotor behind my front wheel and the RB rotor.

When I picked up my rotors from RB, Mike went with me to a local place called GT Pro who does work for them and they installed my rotors and stainless braided brake lines. They did a fantastic job and lots of pictures were taken for PR purposes. These were some I took with my iPhone but hopefully I'll be able to get some of the ones the photographer was taking.

The RB rotors are 6 lbs lighter each compared to the stock rotors. 6 lbs doesn't sound like a lot until you're picking up the pair in a box. I put the stock rotors in the RB box after the job was done and I could definitely feel how much heavier the stock rotors were with the extra 12 lbs compared to how it felt with the RB rotors in it.

The braking performance is much nicer now; very linear and predictable. The stock brakes had a grabby effect where it would start out easy and then grab hard all of a sudden. These don't do that. The grab is in direct and smooth proportion to how hard you're pressing on the pedal; it feels much more precise now.

I used RB's ET500 brake pads and they have a good feel when braking; solid, not spongy at all. I had them put Super Blue racing brake fluid in it and I couldn't be happier with the whole setup; can't wait to get the rear rotors now! The car feels just a bit lighter on it's feet when accelerating; it could be my imagination but it seems to accelerate slightly quicker now.

Here's a link on Racing Brake's forum for the group buy we had going:

I can't say enough good about Mike and the people at Racing Brake for working with us to put this deal together. We got the first batch of these they've ever made! And they're tooling up for the rear rotors because of our support so I hope others on the forum take advantage of these great rotors and at least get the fronts; you won't regret it. This is a very worthwhile upgrade; especially for those who've increased their horsepower... the more power you have the better braking you need to slow down!

Next is the Pedder's Extreme Street package which I've had on order for months as well; waiting for the parts to get made and shipped from Australia. Then after that, a 1-piece carbon fiber driveshaft which I've got a line on and hopefully will have some info soon. I've already asked and they're agreeable to a group buy so I'll be putting something together along the lines of the RB rotor deal as soon as I have the info to do it.
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