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People need to learn how to drive

some people seriously need to learn how to drive!!! i almost had my camaro wrecked today. Making a right turn onto motor parkway in Hauppauge, theres 2 turning lanes to make a right. i was in the farther lane. I go through the turn, and i see a box truck coming up real fast in the other turning lane. Needless to say, he didnt turn wide enough. i noticed he was wayyyy to close so i slam on my brakes. If i didnt hit the brakes, this guy wouldve literally drove over the left front fender. I didnt think he hit me because i didnt feel a hit or feel the car move when he was real close. But i pulled into the next lot and saw this

The majority of it rubbed off, but at the arch of the wheel well, the paint wore off, so it looks like i need to get this painted...son of a bitchhhhhhh
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