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Originally Posted by camaromoe View Post
does anyone know if the dealer is going to fix this problem???
It depends on your definition of "problem". Getting a high-performance brake system with a fixed, opposed-piston caliper to be quiet under all conditions is a very tall order. Most car manufacturers supplying these type of brakes will consider some noise normal. Excessive noise is not. However, your definition of normal vs. excessive noise might be miles apart from a service manager's.

Also keep in mind that the large 1-piece rotor is contributing significantly to noise (NVH) issues. The rotor acts a bit like a bell, ringing at each of it's natural frequencies. If during a braking event the rotor is excited at a certain frequency, it will amplify the vibration causing the pad to oscillate in the caliper. If it happens above 16k Hertz, most people won't hear it -- your dog might! Below that, we hear brake squeal. For me, I've been around motorsports long enough to not hear well above 12k Hertz or so. Maybe I'm lucky?

It could be that a 2-piece rotor (with an aluminum hat) would probably damp most, if not all, noise. It doesn't work all of the time, but works far more often than not on other cars. Again, it depends on other factors as well. Sometimes it will work on 9 out of 10 identical cars, with the one being impossible to cure completely.

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