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ICONZ or SAVINI anyone?


I'm about to throw down some very serious coin on wheels after four solid months of debate & shopping. I have narrowed it down, I think, to two wheel makers: Iconz & Savini. Both have been damn good at answering all my questions (pretty patient guy's), but I have no idea about their quality or customer service after the sale. I'm not rich and these wheels are a stretch for me, so I really need the experience to be good. I cannot afford otherwise. Does anybody have wheels from either builder? Can you tell me about the quality and service? You have no idea how much I would appreciate your insight. I will return the favor if you need info about any of my mods. furthermore, I will write about my experience after I select so all of you folks on the fence can have the feedback I so desperately need right now. Afterall, buying wheels can be more expensive than a stinking Maggie or other SC!!!!

Thanks crew!!!!

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