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I agree 100% with radz. This is a fluffly law to make you think you are covered. Dealers know nothing about it and it would be up to you to take them to court on YOUR dime. It is almost never worth it and you will be SOL. Believe me been there MANY times.

Acura almost denied my claim on a faulty auto trans on my 2001 CL type S b/c I had an AEM intake on the car. They stated that the intake brought the car to new HP levels that this transmission was not built for (btw intake added 7 total HP). Therefore it prematurely wore out the trans. Car had 2900 miles on it and 1000 only with the intake. I finally convinced the GM of the dealer that this is a bogus move on them and we all know it isn't the cause when there were CL trans failures all over the place almost causing a recall.

On my subaru they refused to cover a transmission due to a cat back system ONLY on the car. Basically the same explaination as Acura, but this time they brought the "zonal" rep in and they said no so it ended there. I called Subaru of America saying that subaru offers a cat back system for this car, I simply bought another brand but no dice. I paid over 3 grand for a used trans to be put in the car.

So seriously don't live in this cloud that you will be covered. Pay to play.
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