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Originally Posted by jrhaus76 View Post
I am so lost as to why this was posted... I am sorry. Not trying to disrespect you blur... I just dont get it.

I guess I cant think of an instance where it would matter what people had or how they addressed the thread. If I had an issue with my 2SS/RS and someone who had a 1LT knew the answer... sweet!?

Sorry, just seems like you put a lot of time into that for nothing.

And last time I checked the 4 pack is not available on the 1SS through GM. Don't you have to go through the dealer and have it installed then the computer reflased of something so they work?

black5thgen found the other errors...
Some people have been posting, "2SS owners, help me!" when the problem has nothing to do with features specific to the 2SS. Someone with a 1SS might have the same problem and, even better, a solution. For the sake of etiquette, members should use appropriate diction. If the problem only affects 2SS owners, it makes sense to only ask 2SS owners for help. If the problem could affect other people, we should include them in the discussion. This prevents confusion for people who don't know any better.

Why was this thread posted? I want to avoid confusion for new members who might not know, for instance, that a 1SS might have the Boston Acoustics system available or the very same Pirelli tires. Camaro5 is a community that is designed to share information. I'm trying to make sure that the information provided is correct.
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